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Dangal – Dance of the girls


After a lot of dropped chances at watching Dangal, finally got to watch it on Sunday at a highly unexpected theatre at Chengalpattu. It is natural for people to look forward for a biographical movie, given the the emotional connect they expect out of it. On that perspective, Dangal has hit on the bulls eye.And Dangal easily joins the likes of sports drama like Iruthi sutru (Saala Khaadoos).

The movie’s strength lies in the combo consisting of direction by Nithesh Tiwari, Music by Pritam, Cinematography by Sethu Sriram and of all, effortless performance from the whole crew of actors. Aamir khan’s acting as Mahavir singh phogat would remain one of those performances to look up-to to get inspired towards acting.




The transition of frustration and passion into pride and achievement could well be the one liner for Dangal. The movie starting off with Mahavir Singh fighting it out with himself over passion for wrestling and financial career sets the tone for the movie. From then on, the movie neither pauses nor looks back.The script moves effortlessly through a coming of age journey of a wrestler forced to leave his passion due to societal stigma. Mahavir Singh and his daughters tackling the very societal stigma to reach heights gives a touch of fulfilment to anyone who watches the movie. Dangal, apart from being a fierce wrestling drama has a high voltage emotional roller coaster ride neatly wrapped with in. The movie very much puts light on the patriarchal mindset we tend to have as a society in handling a situation or making a decision right from as small as cutting one’s hair to getting to worry only about their marriage in case of female kids.And the scenes building up to the prominence of Geeta Kumari in the local wrestling arena reflects the sheer arrogance the society shows towards women in public domain. Example being the comments passed on Geeta kumari’s first fight in wrestling tournament.

Adding to all these societal stigma’s that it showcases along it’s story line , the movie also promises a great deal of emotional outbursts. The relationship between Geeta and Babita., the duo with their mother and father are full of emotions. The scene involving the phone conversation between Geetha and Mahavir SIngh in the later part of the movie would remain an apt example for the same.

Though the movie would definitely be an inspiration to lot of aspiring people, still the creative liberty taken by the film makers in creating a movie is also a matter of concern. The recent trend of biographical movies have always left the audience in a state of no clear differentiation between real life events and fabrication of real life events. I hope, Dangal has not fabricated much of the instances just for the cause of commercial appeal as in some of the recent biographical ventures.

Overall, the life of Phogat sisters will remain to be an inspiration to lot of young kids all around the subcontinent.

#Dangal – The Fight.

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Dear Zindagi


In a streak of not so matching trailers and movies, witnessed a trailer grow into a movie just as supposed to be.The movie delivers just the same that it inspires via promotions.

The movie starting with title credits to Alia Bhatt before Sharukh khan, taking prominence of character in the movie over stardom is good for any movie industry. Kudos to Gauri shinde for bringing out the depth in a lighter way.The Music by Amit, cinematograpghy by Laxman Utekar is fresh, and flows like a breeze on gentle evening beach. Alia Bhatt as Kaira, is just too good with her expressions and emotional delivery. She looks so at ease on screen as one would be without cameras. Shahrukh Khan as Jug, carries the responsibility of being a therapist and the pain that lingers from his own personal life with his experience as an actor.





Talking of the movie, Dear Zindagi is one of those movies that make the viewer relate and introspect, A movie that is to be watched with yourself and you alone. Though the movie takes time to settle in with the backgrounds and justify the situations, it delivers a whole lot of perception with its little detailing. A slow, deep dig at all those overriding emotional journey is what Dear Zindagi is all about.

Right from Kaira forcing herself out on various situations to masking her emotions just to make her look invincible and to escape the deep lying self, the movie more than justifies how emotions can be overwhelming and interesting in an unique way. The plot points out on how instances can turn a person from who he / she is to what he / she pretends to be, irrespective of how small or how insignificant it may look for rest of the world. These instances can range from being humiliated for getting low marks in primaries to being neglected and over riddden one’s thought in the name of stereotypes. Dear Zindagi is a well compiled set of frames that try to unearth the complexities of emotions that web together in forming a person as a whole. It digs through the complex comfortable thrones to find the hard to digest base that forms the core.

Dialogues being simple and strong has an astounding impact. A few to quote (In the Verbal sense, since my Hindi is not that good to re – create).,

“If sadness, anger, hate are not allowed to express, how do one express love”
“Kaira : What do you think of a perfect relationship?
Jug : There are many kinds of perfect relationship. A perfect musical relationship, that happens with two people of same musical liking. A perfect just coffee relationship and so on. Then why do carve and we have to burden a relationship expecting it be the only perfect relationship.”

Personally, the movie felt very close to me where I could relate both Kaira and Jug’s viewpoints to things I do to me, to my life and to people around me at various instances. The decisions we make, the perception we develop, the emotional maze that we build, and last but not the least restricting to comfort of the couch., all relates to the views of either Kaira or Jug.(Atleast it did with me) To the movie to strike, it would require one to be either in a state to accept or in a state of themselves. Dear Zindagi would give different perceptions based on the situation and persons emotions while watching it.

#DearZindagi – Emotions is all

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Pink – Conspired weakness

I was always worried of the fact that the number of movies that I watch during theatrical release have been on a decline for the past few months. But watching movies like Pink very much fills the void of missing movies. With a set of limited yet very positive and tempting words from friends, watched the movie last Wednesday. Though I am late in both watching and writing on the movie, I still believe that I always write my view on a movie and not evaluate.Thus, time of post hardly matters.


Pink is a standard example of “Right colors make right shades”. Editing, cinematography and music makes the movie so indulging, intense yet light. For an audience very much used to courtroom drama movies with lengthy dialogues and scenes, editing by Bodhaditya Banerjee and screenplay have provided a space to think. Screenplay forms the axis holding the plot together as it unfolds. The idea of letting audience guess and visualize the prologue until the end credits has worked in favor of the movie. Kudos to the team for compiling a movie like the movie as it is. Amitabh Bachchan, Dhritiman Chatterjee, and the ladies have done a  great acting display.




For any  person born and brought up in a society that has its own hard set of rules which are considered to be establishments of tradition, Pink is a striking question over the basic flaws that we have failed to confront. The movie though routed as a courtroom drama movie, it is not a movie on judgement and moral policing but a movie on introspection. A very much needed introspection indeed. The movie through it’s dialogue introspects the very stereotyped understanding that is built for generations now.


The plot runs along in an even pace with three people and three normal ways of life until an event that challenges their own self.Three women,  Tapsee as Minal Arora, a working independent women living on her own., Kirti Kulhari as Falak Ali, an women held between love, life and commitments., Andrea Tariang as Andrea Tariang, outspoken and expressive are pushed into a situation where series of events brands them to be outcasts for just being themselves. The whole movie unfolds as Amitabh Bachchan as Deepak Sehhal , a retired lawyer with mood swings makes us introspect our own society as he argues through the case.


The dialogues and quotes provided by Deepak to substantiate his side of argument does ring a bell with any one of those situations where the society that we live in has always negatively branded girls for doing things that are considered common for men but sin for women. Pink strikes hard on the fact that stuffs ranging from drinking alcohol, moving along with person of the opposite gender, late night roams,staying out late with opposite gender, having relationship more than once that are identified as a greater sin for women but a mere mistake for men. The sequence and perception of people towards Falak for being in love with a very much elder person , Andrea for her being from north east, Minal  being independent women staying away from family on her own, raises questions over the basic integrity of our moral systems that we project to be the best. The dialogue “Our girls are fine, the boys are the one to be saved”, projects start point of all the dominant thoughts that are inculcated into a person by the prejudiced society and the need to have pause and look into it. Though, one could easily argue that these discrimination are on the way into nothing, it definitely will not be  as long as the tradition is passed with just prejudice rather than rationally evolved understandings. The scene of Deepak staring at cockroach in the courtroom seemed an analogy to that (cockroach being one among the undisturbed organism throughout the history of earth, so is societal prejudice). The first half of the movie stands an example for the very stuff, where in the trio goes through an emotional stress of fearing anything and everything around them out of anger and frustration embedded together.


The other parallel thread of the movie deals with sexual relationship and the way society sees it. The way sexual relationship is perceived by the larger community and has been accepted to be male dominant, has been well slapped right across the face. The dialogue “No, she said no!” hits one hard with the reality and speaks for all the women forced into sexual relationship irrespective of whether it is post / pre marital or even paid sexual relationship. The sequence where Falak breaks down in the courtroom, the agonized look on the lady constables face speaks a million.


Though the movie is heavy on thoughts is very lightly made, and provides a large space for the audience to introspect and think. Overall the movie strips off all the pre defined imaginary rule sets that easily portrays a women in bad light without much thought into it and provides a space to understand that ‘Pink is never weak but is only made to believe’.And  it all boils down to ” A No is a No”.


#Pink – Confront & Confess

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Joker – Every man


“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”, once said Shakespeare. “All the people who question against the system is a Joker” is what Raju Murugan has to say ironically on the current day perception.




A movie that has unanimously got positive reviews from viewers can belong to either a complete entertainer or a film that they can relate to. Joker, as a movie has both to it. Joker, being a political satire movie has a fair share of emotion and sarcasm.

The credibility of Raju Murugan as a director has traveled along from Cuckoo to Joker. Cuckoo being one of my personal favorite, was eager to get hold of Joker. Joker hasn’t spoiled it for sure. The greatest support of the movie as in most critically acclaimed movie has been its music. Sean Roldan, once again has chosen and have struck the right chord through background score for a movie rather than just releasing a five , six song album. Chezhiyan’s cinematography provides the much needed life for a movie of Joker’s genre and locality of play. It is quite inspiring to see the way he has captured lights even in cramped spaces. The choose of actors, Guru Somasundaram as Mannar mannan, Ramya Pandian as Mallika and the characters of Isai and Ponoonjal being less familiar looks very real and allows one to really connect just as a character.Especially, Ramya Pandian and Guru Somasundaram have done great justice to the role.

The movie starts with a common man who considers himself to be the president of India, to enact justice to all the injustice that happens around him. The series of events though reflects the degree of neurotic state that he is in, hits hard with the clear view that he has on the political questioning he makes. Though, the society around him (inclusive of audience) just believes him to be just another mentally affected human, he shares a vision and sabotaged past. Mannar mannan as Joker very much reflects the anger and sarcasm the society should project on the injustice around. Dialogues have been sharp piercing through all possible political associations and their stupidity. A speial mention has to be made for being brave enough to have captured that on a big screen. The love sequence between Mannar mannan and Mallika also never fails to engage.The movie also hints at the technological advantage that can help in taking actions to higher reach.

The movie hangs between satire and sarcasm. The climax is more of a sarcasm that both buys in and repels people by the way they perceive it (Show that I saw had bunch of people literally not in conscience with it, hard to know why?). The movie filled with satire, towards the end moves into more of an questioning / realization part. The sequence post realization is either left to audience’s understanding or is intended to suggest the rise of something bigger the rebel from anger and rage if not addressed in a society that have been socially inactive recently.

The movie will definitely make one laugh, think, and realize for the same reason.

#Joker – Choke

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Kabali – An Idea in the making


In a film centered society that is driven by craze, hype has always made no good to any movie whether bad or good. Kabali has been no exception. There are various types of movies with their own perceptions and making. Kabali, though being routed as a gangster movie, follows an unusual track of capturing the personal chapter of an aging gangster. Kabali, is more an emotional conflict between ambitions and personal life of a gangster.

Santhosh Narayanan as always have yet again been the soul of the movie.As in most movies where Santhosh is a part, songs travel with the plot rather than have a separate slot. The cinematography and editing by Murali and Praveen K L have been more subtle than overpowering. Screenplay of the plot travels at ease with few untamed ends unanswered and left to audience’s imagination which has caused a dip in impact that the movie intends to.Hope there could have been a longer director’s cut that would have captured those unanswered ends.




Kabali, an aging gangster at 60s looking back at the life that he left behind in 25 years of jail sentence forms the base of the movie. The plot is build over a Malaysian backdrop where Tamizh community have been discriminated and oppressed by other communities starting from inequality in wages to egoistic approach towards the growth of one from the community. The plot travels on a line drawn between the thoughts of an ambitious don and emotional conflict of a husband,a father, a friend. A person drawn into gangs by destiny voicing for the oppressed, and the emotional conflicts thereafter elaborates into a subtle chapter in don’s life with violence spread all over except for the over dramatic climax fight sequence.

Kabali is the best bet at being easily the best movie in terms of acting and screen presence by Rajnikanth in the recent past. The variation of emotions essayed by Rajni (Kabali) have made the audience to cheer, love,empathize and fall silent with respect to the mood of the scene.The word Magizhchchi has been used in all possible emotions ranging from love, happiness, rage, revenge and more. Rajni as Kabali has very well portrayed the wavering thoughts that he has between resurrecting his gang to take on rival gangs and the emotional famine, guilt that has build over him in the past 25 years of jail sentence. The search for his lost family, and the emotional build has been overwhelming. Radhika apte relates very much to an Thamizh woman in mannerism and character carryover. Her screen presence and acting through the re-union stands top notch.All scenes where Kabali introspects and is lost in thoughts have been well crafted including the one where he wonders on setup of his possible re-union the day after and the way he admires his daughter and longs when he sees Meena (Rithvika).The sequence leading to the family re-union and breaking of all emotional buildups standout from the rest. Attakaththi Dinesh, have once again proved what an actor he could be. The sequence involving his encounter with gang 43 stands testimony to that.John Vijay, Kishore,Dhansika have done noticeable presence with their proved acting. Johnny Hari is an actor to look forward with consecutive portrayal of characters that requires changes of total mannerism in Madras and Kabali.

The movie apart from being an mainstream movie that revolves around the life of a don, also brushes over the pain and justified anger of the oppressed by its sharp dialogues thanks to director Pa.Ranjith. Dialogues with reference to Ambedkar and much required cultural politics for uprising of the oppressed have been spread all over the movie. Though the dialogues are sharp that strike hard, never looks judgmental or in terms of pointing fingers. The dialogues very much goes in hand for as the voice of any oppressed community all over the world. If at all, even these looks provoking then it is definitely the time to introspect ourselves as a society rather than personally sabotaging a person or a creation.

#Kabali – Confront

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Sairat – Love ,Pride and The wild life


It is always an amazing feel to watch different language movies. And it gives a whole lot of different experience, when one gets to watch a movie in a language that isn’t familiar. Recently I had the opportunity to watch a few of such movies. Sairat is the latest addition to that league and the second Marathi film that I have experienced.After a very good opinion from lot of friends, It was very much tempting to watch the movie. We managed to get tickets for Sairat which is currently screened on select shows at Mayajaal and PVR – Velachery in Chennai..

Of all the departments in the movie, the background score has been the top notch. The music by Atul – Ajay pulsates through the mood of the movie till the end. The songs adds commercial flavor to the movie .Sudhakar Reddy Yakanti’s cinematography looks very fresh and indulging.Story and direction by Nagraj Manjule flows in one stretch, which makes it a better film. Rinku Rajguru as Archana Patil, a lively-brave-rich girl from upper sects of the society and Akash Thosar as Prashant Kale , a smart-fun loving boy (The dance they do for sound of train passing and ringtones are samples for that!) from the low sects of society have been the driving force with their screen presence and ease of acting. Each and every actor has played a near real performance on screen.




Sairat is a story of love, that is influenced beyond the liking’s of two people in our society . The story very much reminds as of all the news and debates that we have encountered regarding caste based discrimination and societal status playing a barrier in deciding the fate of two individual. Though similar story-lines have been touched upon earlier by various movies including Kaadhal, Raatinam for example in Thamizh., Sairat has a specialty in the detailing it has. The movie is filled with lot of minor detailing that leads the plot and reasons for itself.The change of reactions and one’s character with tougher situations have been well handled throughout. The movie, starting form the initial romantic setup to the heat faced due to caste – creed differentiation is well paced. The scenes including., Prashant’s family being boycotted by their own people fearing the wrath of so called upper caste, scenes in which the change in way of life sinks into Archana, The emotional conflicts between Prashant – Archana as a result of frustration and obsession, the build up to the climax that provides viewers with various angles to it have been the standouts that Sairat offers from other such movies of the league.

The movie very much breaks the common perception of films considering people from slums and the lower fringe of life to be just social outcasts and pours a realistic light on their life. The plot once again strikes loud enough that marriage in society like ours is not decided on love but pride and prejudice. It very much leaves with questions on the very existence of culture, if it only aids in differentiating and discriminating people even in love. The movie is a testimony to various happenings throughout the country that have been just another news to most of the common man in India.

The analogy to birds , sky and open fields some or the other way denotes to the liberation we require from the very societal structure.It is one of those movies that gives you all possible feels ranging from fun, love, life, sorrow and darker shades of society. The news of Sairat being remade in all south Indian languages speaks for its quality.

#Sairat – Love and Pride


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Oru Naal Koothu – All for the day


Oru naal koothu was the finishing touch to one of those days where time flies like bullet train. An occupied Saturday with no real plan for a movie followed by a long ride through OMR and ECR during night was how things panned out the whole day until fortunately we got tickets for the last show at Mayajaal at 11.30PM.




The songs in the movie floats through one’s senses in different possible ways. Especially “Mangalyam”, “Epo varuvaaro”, “Adiyae Azhagae”, “Yaeli Yaeli” pulls the right string for the right occassion. A special kudos to Justin Prabakar for the soothing songs. The screenplay has been crafted in a way to add a distinct thrill to an otherwise romantic movie. Editing by V J Sabu Joseph and direction by Nelson has provided justice to the screenplay and the movie.

Some or the other way Dinesh’s reactions reminds us of Cuckoo, where he had a similar role( in the sense of the relationship and issues ). Mia George and Rythvika has done a great deal with a natural and matured performance. They could possibly fit in to the lineage of yesteryear actresses like Revathi. Karunakaran, Charle, Nivetha, Bala Saravanan have made the movie pace along. I wish Ramesh Thilak gets to do more of larger roles, which he is capable of.

The curiosity triggered by the trailer due to its theme on relationships, marriage and above all the title, was more than enough for me to get convinced to watch the movie. The movie to large extend is a funny yet intense take on the stupidity that happen in the sake of buildup to marriage in our society. The film starting with anxious moments , paces it smoothly and ends in an anxious note again.The characterization of Dinesh as an IT employee, coming from a very humble background delivers dialogues that very much reflects the thoughts in real life. For instance the conversation between Kavya (Nivetha) and Raj (Dinesh) after Kavya’s wedding shopping strikes full. Susheela (Rythvika) and Lakshmi (Mia George) are two characters that very much portrays the emotional stress the society pushes individuals into in the name of marriage. Susheela feels the pressure of marriage just because she is into a media job and is dark colored. On the other hand, Lakshmi faces pressure due to the never ending demands of family. The movie sums up in the most smooth and funny way to traverse through each of the three lifes, with it’s own share of anxious, emotional connects. The movie though not new in genre and story line, still takes on the superstitions and stereotyped thoughts that rest over marriage in our society. The movie has its own share of flaws with certain old school predictable love sequences and repetitive moments and flat comedies., but above all the movie would remain a decent commercial movie with a soft yet effective take on the Marriage and life in our society.

The movie portrays the stress and emotional trauma that are part of the parcel that make up to the stage show called Marriage(By the title!) and the way men and women (especially women) are affected either by profession or societal stereotypes for the very marriage that have been cultivated in us as the most divine and “THE DAY” of one’s life. The movie ends leaving lot of questions unanswered and a candid coverage of common people’s thought that strengthen’s the view of the movie’s crew!

#OruNaalKoothu – The Indian Pre Wedding